Last Call For "Tax Season Ebay Auctions"!

This upcoming week is the last week for Ebay. After next Sunday, 4/28, we will take down our pages. Come see what we have and grab some pages at a great price!

Here is a brief list:

Batman Vs. Superman Issue 30 PG 20 by Robson Rocha for $89.99

Spidey-Pool Issue 18 PG 16 by Ed McGuinness for $150.00

Captain Britain Issue 9 PG 16 Leonard Kirk for $49.99

New Green Lanterns Issue 1 PG 15 by Robson Rocha for $60.00

New Green Lanterns Issue 2 PG 6 by Robson Rocha for $74.99

Venom Inc. Omega Issue 1 PG 23 by Ryan Stegman for $150.00

X- Factor Issue 247 PG 13 by Leonard Kirk for $74.99

X-Men Legacy Issue 247 PG 4 by Clay Mann for $75.00

Justice League United Issue 9 PG 4 Neil Edwards for $80.00

Suicide Squad Issue 31 PG 14 Barnaby Bagenda for $45.00

X- Factor Issue 243 PG 7 by Leonard Kirk & for $74.99

All pages are hand inked by me and are shipped with a sheet of masonite. See site for more details.