X-men 23

Heres a book I worked on a few months back. It was a bit experimental for me. I hope you enjoy it. Should be on stands today! G. Willow Wilson has done such a great job on Ms. Marvel, and it was a pleasure to work with Roland.

Story by

G. Willow Wilson

Art by

Roland Boschi, Jay Leisten

Colors by

Lee Loughridge

Cover by

Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson


Marvel Comics

Cover Price:


Release Date

Wed, January 7th, 2015


• The start of a brand new story penned by MS. MARVEL creator G. WILLOW WILSON!

• When a sinkhole appears under mysterious circumstances in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, the X-Men go to investigate...

• But little do they suspect that the phenomenon has connections to old allies...and enemies!