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Mighty Avengers #9 (Published by Marvel Comics; Review by Justin Partridge, III; ‘Rama Rating: 8 out of 10): Secrets are revealed in this month’s issue of Mighty Avengers, but they may not be the secrets that you were expecting. Al Ewing displays once again why he’s one of Marvel’s rising stars by deftly subverting the reveal of Ronin (which was accidentally spoiled a few months back), merely by making it the B-story framing of the issue. The A-story picks up the plot of Blue Marvel’s team and the fate of Adam Brashear’s sons. This gives Mighty Avengers a hefty helping of emotional weight and gives us a more insight into a character that readers are largely unfamiliar with. Greg Land is back on pencils and doing his usual serviceable work but it is extremely hard not to miss the heavy hitting and kinetic work of Valerio Schiti while reading this issue. Mighty Avengers may have dipped a bit in quality this month, but even the low points in Mighty Avengers soar beyond expectations.